Devinder Kumar Email: devinder "AT" layer6 DOT ai

Head, ML Product Engineering, L6/TD bank
Ex-Postdoc Stanford University

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I am currrently the head of ML product engineering team at Layer 6/TD bank in Toronto, Canada. Before this I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. My research centered around Deep Learning and its application in Computer Vision & Explainable AI.

I obtained my PhD at VIP lab - University of Waterloo and Machine Learning Research Group - University of Guelph where I was supervised by Dr. Alexander Wong (UWaterloo/ Canada research chair, Medical Imaging & AI) and Dr. Graham Taylor (UGuelph/ Vector Inst./ Canada research chair, ML Systems). During my PhD I also developed various POC projects for different industry clients via UWaterloo partnership & independent projects.

During my PhD, I was also the Lead AI Scientist for NextAI, a world class AI accelerator program of NEXT Canada based in Toronto, Canada. There I lead a team of AI scientists that provided AI R&D advice to various startups.

In distant past, I was a research engineer in LIP-6 - UPMC-Sorbonne University, Paris. There I had great time working with Prof. Matthieu Cord and Asst. Prof Nicolas Thome

For a full history, here's my Curriculum-Vitæ, Google Scholar and LinkedIn.


Mar 2020
I am now a Postdoc Fellow at SCSNL, School of Medicine, Stanford University.
Dec 2019
Paper accepted at IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2020
Aug 2019
I gave an invited talk at SPORTLOGIQ, Montreal, Quebec on "Tips and Tricks for Traninig Neural Networks Effectively" on 26th Aug
Feb 2019
I will be giving keynote speech at the annual symposium of the Project Management Insitute (PMI) south western ontario chapter on April 25th.
Feb 2019
Gave invited talk on state of explainable AI at Element-AI and Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Toronto, Canada
Dec 2018
Awarded President Graduate Scholarship (PGS) at University of Waterloo
Dec 2018
Awarded International Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) (1/5 awards at UWaterloo, 1/1 in Engg Dept.)
Aug 2018
I am chairing the Poster Session at Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS), 2018. Submission of poster ideas: link
May 2018
Paper accepted at Nature Communications (IF:13.092) on interpretable crytsal lattice symmetry classification.
Dec 2017
Awarded President Graduate Scholarship (PGS) at University of Waterloo
Dec 2017
Awarded International Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) (1/5 awards at UWaterloo)
Dec 2017
Our paper won Best paper Award at 31st Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Transparent and interpretable Machine Learning in Safety Critical Environments Workshop, 2017
Oct 2017
I will be speaking at the Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TOML) 2017 about my X-AI research
Sept 2017
I will be speaking on the panel "Math education for an AI world" at Fields Insitute on Sept 30th
Aug 2017
I am now the managing editor for Journal of Computational Vision and Imaging Systems (JCVIS)
Jun 2017
I am giving an invited Keynote Speech at AI-Toronto, 2017 Conference on 21st June, 2017
May 2017
"CLEAR visualization" paper accepted at CVPR Workshop (CVPR-W) on Explainable Computer Vision
Apr 2017
Accepted at DL & RL Summer School, 2017 at MILA, UMontreal with CIFAR scholarship.
Mar 2017
Paper accepted at 14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR, 2017)
Feb 2017
I am joining this year's NextAI program as an AI scientist in residence.
Dec 2016
I will be giving an invited talk at the theory department at Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society on 08 Dec, 2016
Nov 2016
Paper accepted at 30th Neural Information Processing Systems Machine learning for healthcare Workshop (NIPS MLH, 2016)
Jun 2016
I will be joining Philips Research (HQ) as a deep learning intern at Eindhoven, NL where I will be working with the data science and medical oncology solutions departments.
May 2016
I gave an invited talk at Gustave Roussy cancer research institute, Paris, France
Nov 2015
Paper accepted at 29th Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Machine Learning for Healthcare Workshop ,2015

Publications selected publications only, for full list please refer my CV

Explaining the Unexplained: A CLass-Enhanced Attentive Response (CLEAR) Approach to Understanding Deep Neural Networks
D.Kumar, A. Wong,  and G. W. Taylor
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshop Oral, 2017
Understanding Anatomy Classification Using Visualization
D.Kumar, and V.Menkovski
30th NIPS Machine Learning for Health (NIPS-MLH) Workshop, 2016
Discovery Radiomics via StochasticNet Sequencers for Cancer Detection
M.J.Shafiee, A.G. Chung, D. Kumar,, F. Khalvati, M.A. Haider and A. Wong
29th NIPS Machine Learning for Healthcare (NIPS-MLH) Workshop, 2015
slides | bib | pdf
Recipe recognition with large multimodal food dataset
X.Wang, D.Kumar,  N.Thome,   M.Cord,  and F.Precioso
7th Workshop on Multimediafor Cooking and Eating Activities (CEA) in conjuction with ICME, July 2015.
bib | pdf
Taming the North: Multi-Camera Parallel Tracking and Mapping in Snow-Laden Environments
A.Das, D.Kumar,  A.E.Bably  and S. Waslander
In proceedings Field and Service Robotics (FSR), June, 2015.
slides | bib | pdf
Lung Nodule Classification Using Deep Features in CT Images (Oral)
D. Kumar,  A. Wong and D. Clausi
12th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), Halifax, NS, June, 2015.
bib | pdf
Best Paper Award
Constructive Learning for Human-Robot Interaction
A.Singh,  S.Karanam, and D.Kumar
IEEE Potentials, Vol. 32, Issue: 4, pp(s): 13-19, Aug, 2013


VISIIR web demo Food recognition system based on the work that I did at LIP-6, Paris.

More projects can be found on my GitHub profile.


UPMC-101 Dataset of 101 food categories (~1000 images per category) that I created from Google image search results.

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